What file formats are available?

We can provide you with just about any format you may be looking for from MP3 compressed audio files, to higher quality audio files, to a wide array of karaoke files and more.

  • WAV files are often used by professionals in order to maintain the highest level of audio quality. This format is similar to what is used on professional audio CDs. WAV files are also easily edited and manipulated, because of the way tracks are stored separately within these files.
  • MP3 files are compressed audio files, and they are a great option if you're concerned about file size; they are about 10 times smaller than WAV files. Most computers can read MP3 files and almost all multimedia players can read them as well.
  • We also offer a wide variety of karaoke files: including MP3+CDG and MP4. Contained in the subcode area of these files are graphics and images which can be displayed in sync with the audio tracks.

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